Speak from Your Power to Deliver Greater Impact, Get Your Voice Heard & Close More Deals

With Cindy Ashton Award-Winning TV Host

Training You to Get Your Voice Heard

You’re established. 

You want the next level of recognition. 

You’re ready to bring in more income, bigger strategic partners & gain visibility.

But the 2 main problems affecting your ability to grow are…

1. Most presentation training strips you of who you are with canned poses, gestures and speech effects. That’s fake. It turns people off.

It’s actually about enhancing your natural gifts and building authentic connections.

2. A lack of message alignment across all presentation, communication and marketing channels causes people to tune out.

The key is having an integrative approach that begins with an understanding of your brand, mission and objectives and then creating a strategic process to achieve results.

We create a unique strategy and training program for you that includes one or more of the following elements (depending on your goals and our analysis):

On Camera and Front of the Room Delivery

Story, Speech & Content Creation

Speaking Voice, Body Language and Leadership Presence Skills

Brand Experience & Messaging Development

Crafting Winning Pitches & Monetizing Presentations

Sales (from a rapport-building presentation perspective)

Landing Media Attention & Media Training

Leveraging Influencers, Partnerships & Sponsorships

Our Process

To get your mission to the next level, we take a holistic view of your business and how it all fits together. The following process is adjusted depending on your desired outcomes and the impact you are looking to make.

1. Analysis

We analyze your presentation delivery, brand, positioning, messaging, body language, voice, storytelling ability, on camera presence and more.

2. Customized Strategy Plan

We create a process driven strategy plan to develop your content and create your training curriculum.

3. Content Development

We develop any content pieces you need, such as pitches, speeches, videos, stories, etc. 

4. Training and Implementation

We train you (and your team, where applicable) in all the areas we identified during the process. 

Who We Work With

Business professionals who are on a mission to do good in the world.

Established Business Owners

who want more visibility to their message

Executives & Managers

looking to gain more team synergies

Sales Teams & Professionals

seeking ways to attract more ideal clients

Speakers, Thought Leaders & Influencers

seeking to catapult their impact

Our Results


Doug Brown

Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins & CEO of Business Success Factors

I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to go to other programs and I didn’t get what I got from my first meeting with you. This is different. This is the real deal. Cindy, you understand the process behind speaking and how to make money at it. It’s about sales conversions as well as speaking training. There are a lot of people who talk about speaking but they don’t know how to teach it. It’s about how you use voice, body language, story and messaging in all parts of your business, not just on stage. With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now

Debbie Thompson

Past President of Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario & Director of Manager of Risk & Insurance at the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

“Cindy helped me put real feeling and bring out me in my speech. The greatest feedback I had from the CEO of my association is that it was one of the best speeches he had heard in the last 10 years. Cindy helped me write something that speaks to me, speaks to my true passion and my vision as a person. It has been a great experience. I highly recommend”

Dana Pharant

Trusted Advisor and Business Performance Coach

“Cindy Ashton is a dynamic speaker coach. Since I have been working with her, my ability to command the stage and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. I am way more comfortable and confident on stage and on camera and my talks and videos have a flow that gets my message across with clarity that captivates the audience. It has been so much fun to work with her and I love how she brings in her unconventional style and pulls out the best in me and does not try to make me fit a mold.”

Paul Fernandez

CEO & Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

“I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy. She really is the go-to woman for excellent results.”

Tihesha Wison, MD

Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Program at Jupiter Medical Center

“As a breast cancer surgeon, I give many talks regarding breast cancer. My reviews have always been good so I was quite skeptical when my Dad told me I should work with a coach. Wow…what a difference after just one session with Cindy! I was not aware of the subtle things I had been doing that rendered my presentations less effective. Working with Cindy has been tremendously helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her. She has a magical way of getting you incorporate new skills in record time.”