Strategy, Training & Visibility

Whether it’s a difference of hundreds of thousands or millions in your annual bottom line, gaining far greater visibility to your message or igniting people to take action on what you have to say, the key is to have a rock solid, holistic strategy.


To deliver greater impact, get your voice heard & close more deals, our services will build your brand, impact and influence through the power of presentation, media, strategic partnerships and more. 

Speak from Your Power™

You can have great speaking skills but if the messaging is off, your results will be off too.

Through Our Training

Your messaging will be crafted, refined and aligned to your target audience to ensure you are speaking with a unified brand voice across all of your communications.

Terence Young, M.D. Delivering his talk on how African-American’s can break through the glass ceiling


Just because you are a confident speaker doesn’t mean it will result in people taking  action on what you have to say. It just means that people won’t see you as meek.

Learn speaking voice, body language, presence and energy skills to access your deepest place of power and get ready to catapult your mission, impact and conversions.


You have amazing content but how do you position it so you don’t come across as salesy or like anyone else?

Build trust points into your content while showcasing your brilliance with emotional and visual anchors that makes your listener(s) feel seen and heard and lean in to learn more.

My business partner, PR Strategist Christina Daves, developing Alex’s story.

Role-playing exercise that reveals when their body language is winning or losing them sales


No one wants to be sold to. And especially in today’s day and age, people are desperate for connection.

Build rapport through your body language, voice, presence and energy while knowing what questions to ask to truly create win-win relationships.

Land Media Attention & Build Your Brand Presence

Pitch Club Café

(co-hosted with Christina Daves)

When you are interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, seen on the Today Show or quoted by other reputable and recognizable media, it’s instant credibility, visibility and leads.

First we develop your PR strategy. Next, you and your team will be trained on our proven 3-step system to consistently land in the media and re-purpose that exposure into more business.

Some of our rockstar clients in the media sales

Our clients working on their strategy

Build Strategic Partnerships &
Land Sponsorships

Rapid growth of your mission and driving new prospects your way is possible when you have powerful partnerships in your business.

We Identify brands and influencers who are in alignment with your business and build out a strategic plan to get their attention, build relationships and create win-win’s.

Leverage Influence & Network at A-Lister Events

Imagine if you had the opportunity to walk the red carpet at the Oscars, mingle at the BET awards or network at the world’s most exclusive business events?

Our team will review your goals, strategically match you with the right events and get you access.

Interviewing celebrities at the Oscar party 2020

Here is an example of a marketing video we developed and produced.

Position yourself as an expert in high end strategically crafted marketing collateral

It’s easy for any business or leader to get lost in all the digital noise. How do you showcase your differentiation, expertise and credibility in your market?

We produce a video interview with you in an “Oprah style” studio including developing a targeted message, on camera training, filming, editing and strategy on how to leverage that video in your marketing and sales funnels.

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